Service Deletion in UiPath Orchestrator got failed

While deleting the Service in UiPath Orchestrator, It got stuck and then got failed.
Now I am not able to create a new Service.

I thought of creating a new Service because I was constantly getting “Robot Unavailable” error in Community Edition while connecting the Robot. Also the Dashboard was showing Zero robots to me, although I was not using any robot.

Please help…it’s urgent

Can somebody help please…I am completely stuck here.
Since I am using a Community Edition, I am not able to add more Service.

I’m also facing same issue. Is there any solution for this??

@Harisha_P Did you get any solution?
I am completely stuck here.

Same issue here

Well, it seems it will never be resolved …

@mdminhajm22 No. It is still unresolved

Hello there i have the same issue! Can anibody help please?

Same issue for me.
Did anyone get any solution?