Excel select sheet / Navigate to a certain worksheet

Hi, how do I navigate to a certain sheet in Excel?

This is because I want to use the shortcuts Alt + H, Alt + O, Alt + R to rename the sheet but it needs to be the active sheet in order for this to work


You can active the sheet you want using VBA (Macro)

Sub ActiveSheet2()

End Sub


If you want to achieve this in simple manner then, you can simply write cell null (“”) in sheet at location where you’re not expecting a data (e.g. “A15000”).

but as you want to rename that sheet name then, again I would suggest that, using VBA code in Invoke VBA activity to rename a sheet name, could be the safer way of doing it.
here’s the VBA code, you have to store it in .txt file and call using Invoke VBA activity,

Sub RenameSheetName()

    Sheets("Sheet2").Name = "NewName"
End Sub


If you have the excel opened, you can do it by switching to different sheet using shortcut Ctrl + PageDown/Up

If you need to go to a specific page then you can create a macro.

Alternatively, you can create an automation to activate a specific sheet by right clicking on the Sheet Tab Bar ans selecting the specific sheet, as shown below (Right click on the sheet tab bar in the left bottom and then select the specific sheet)

image Right click here


Hope this helps!

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