Click in Calendar

Hello Guys,

First off all, i’m sorry for the poor english, i’m from Brasil.

I have a problem to select a specific date from a calendar in a website, i need to do a job every day, and every day a need to selec the previously day to extract a report.
for exemple : today is 19 January 2022, i’ll need the report of 18 January 2022.
for this i created a variable to fix the previously day > Today.AddDay(-1).ToString

then i went to the clendar i need that is this one

and i use a click activitie to select the day.

but when i go to the properties/target/Selector

i cant find the “aaname” to put my variable to make this day dynamic.

can someone help me?

and again i’m sorry for the english


Before working on the selector, Can you try using Set Text activity?

In set text activity indicate to the Text Box and write as below


It is is disabled then enable the alter if disabled property

Check and tell us if you still facing the issue

Hope this may help you


Having the same issue, like I want my bot to select 31st January as I have passed the date variable in selector [aaname] but bot is selecting disabled 31 from the first row. can you please help me on that