I am created one data table using - BUILD DATA TABLE ACTIVITY -

The data table contain Coulmn name- company name, currency, Amount.

I am captured this Coulmn value in website - stored in respective arguments

My doubt is how to add captured values in the build data table in respective column using ADD DATA ROW ACTIVITY any one help pls


You can pass the arguments/variables into the data table using Add data row activity by passing them as array of values.

THANKyou so much clearifiying my doubt😊, i have one more doubt - i have value in data table -i have to append the value in CSV File using append CSV file in inside for each row activity
The main thing is - if I don’t have CSV file in particular name means append CSV create the file for new name or not in dynamically in inside for each row activity pls clearifiying this doubt :no_mouth:

@BHUVAN, If there is no CSV file already existing with the particular name then the CSV file will be automatically created with the given name even if the data table doesn’t have any data.

Thank you so much :sparkles::heartbeat:

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