Help on calling SAP PI Web service SOAP request

im trying to call an SAP PI Web service using SOAP request in uipath. However its giving me the error “there was an error downloading”. Is it an error with the url? Or must i upload the actual wsdl file instead of this url?
the url i have input is =

it seems problem with the authentication.

can we check if that file is accessible and being downloaded manually?

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@jack.chan can you enter this URL in your browser and see if it can loaded?

If you are not able to download the WSDL(XML) in your browser, you maybe get an error with the reason (f.i not authenticated).

This will also mean you won’t be successfuly with any other tool either unless you find out the right credentials or potential HTTP proxy settings.

These are common problems when trying to access service defintion languages.

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ok, i tried it and its indeed an issue with the credentials . thanks!

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