XML Soap Activities Issue

Good morning,

I am currently having an issue using the Soap activity within UiPath. From all of the different threads that I have read, this might have been an issue with the UiPath activity but should have been resolved about a year ago.

So I have this API service that I have been able to successfully test in Postman. No issues there. I now wanted to integrate that API in UiPath to complete the automation and I am using the Soap Wizard and every time I try to load the WSDL file from my hard drive(I even tried a WSDL link and it did not work), I receive the following error:

Is there another method within UiPath to do this?

Thank you

Can you validate the WSDL with an external tool to check if is free of structure/schema problems?

Hi @ppr - thank you for the tip , I fixed the issue and I can now load the WSDL file in there. My problem now is that there is no section where I can post the body of the XML and the WSDL file is requesting some sort of a “CIRequest”

If I look into the WSDL, there is a complex type called “CIRequest” with elements that would be what I would feed into the Body in order to get a response back but I am not sure what is this CIRequest type.