SOAP Service Library - WS-Security

Hello all :slight_smile:

I’m hoping you can help me with a problem I’m having!

My question is - does SOAP service library supporting WS-Security?
I’ve imported the WSDL into a new service, and added the headers from a successful SOAPUI request, but the response comes back as 400 - Bad Request.

As all the details in the request appear correct to me, this makes me wonder if it’s the authentication?
This is the only section where there could be a difference, but I can’t see the raw input request from UiPath.

Any help or guidance would be really appreciated!


Welcome to our UiPath Forum :slight_smile:

I don’t immediately know the answer, but I could suggest you to send your request (just maybe with some dummy data for credentials) to one of these services:

Please send your request to the same address from an app that you know works, and then from Studio. Comparing the two requests should hopefully help you debug the issue. And if it is indeed a bug on our end, please do let us know :slight_smile: