How could I trigger 2 times in different hours?

Hello guys.
The idea is to trigger the bot execution at 16:29 pm from Orchestrator and the first If could work well from the orchestrator being the same bot.


Then I’d like that the bot finish those activities inside the first “IF”.

Then, the “Else” would start at 17:31 from Orchestrator but I’m not sure If that would be possible to trigger 2 times.

Any idea, please.

Main.xaml (7.9 KB)


For the same process, create one more trigger at 17.31 and see what happens.

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You can create two triggers at two different times that you need and it should work as expected

Instead you can give the control out to orchestrator as well by adding an input argument to the main.xaml file …the input argument can be a true or false value …so when the trigger is created at 4:30 send the value as true and when triggering at 5:30 send value as False…then you need not do any checks and also later if the time changes you need not change anything in the bot rather just change trigger to different times and if condition will wokr based on the input argument value


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Hello @pprin001
You can set two different triggers for your requirement.
If Trigger 1 run successfully then trigger 2 needs to run else it needs to stop. In such case use an asset like “Process” as the value “Success”, Initiatially process start running when the asset is equal to Success, If the Trigger 1 bot fails, update the asset “Fail”, the trigger 2 will run and end at initial.

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Hi @pprin001 ,

in my opinion for your requirement we no need to create two triggers for the same process. In else part use the start job activity to so that it will create pending job and it will execute the process once you finish the first process. please review the below doc link for further understanding. thanks.

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