How to run the process with different time

Hi all…
Can you help me with this ?
I am creating two workflows with morning and evening time. I have succeed to run the morning workflow, but get trouble with evening one. i use same process workflow between morning and evening, only different name file on final result. i wanna run this based on time, which activity i can use to make this working? since i still creating this and not done yet so i dont use orchestrator schedule yet. Later i will use that.

Hey Annisa,

You can try using windows scheduler if you don’t want to integrate Orchestrator yet. Tell me if that works.


Hey nshrimali,

That is not working…
But, never mind, i have found the way to make it working. I set the time in decision flow and its working fine now… Thanks for response :slight_smile:

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@annisa.silvy Can you please share the successful xaml for my reference?

Hi vigneshnkv
This is the sample of my workflow related to setting time for run the process. It is simple actually, and i just knew it :sweat_smile:

test04.xaml (9.2 KB)

Thank you