How to trigger single bot in orchestrator for different time period each XAML


I need to trigger bot from orchestrator. But here iam facing problem like i have 5 Xaml in the process in that i have to trigger first xaml at 9 am for every day and rest 4 xaml should be triggered every 1 hour from 10 ma to 4 pm everyday. So i have to trigger bot for different time period as per the xaml wise from orchestrator.

Please help me with the logic how to approach this

Thanks in advance


Add a boolean variable in your main xaml or the entry xaml…and then when creating trigger set the value as you need…

and in the process write if conditions like…when the input value is true run xaml1 …if its false run remaining xamls

While creating first trigger set value to True and while creating second trigger give value as False

Hope this helps


@jai_kumar2 Hi. Enable Entry point for the xamls you want to run. Create multiple processes by choosing different entry point xaml from same package. Create triggers for each of the process as per your need.

Thanks for the reply

I’ll try this and let you know

But how to create entry point


You can go to project folder…then right click on the xaml file you want to set as entry point and select set as entry point

Hope this helps


Thank you guys for the Reply

Some how i found the way for this , i seperated the process into two and published into orchestrator and set trigger seperately

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Hi @jai_kumar2 . Open the project in UiPath studio. Right click on xaml which needs entry point. Select Enable Entry point.