Help in developing a workflow

Hi everyone,
Iam working as a RPA fresher. I need to develop a workflow where I have to read a folder with 10 excel files. Compare the 2 sheets in each file and bring the output. The output should be in this format

Hi @Jyothi_SUVERA ,

I think you should give much more details. Some questions come to mind at first glance;

  1. Is the folder only have these 10 excel file or are there any other files in the folder?
  2. Are excel files have only 2 sheets or are there any other sheets? Are sheets names specific?
    3)What are the formats of data to compare?


The folder has 10 excel files. Each file has 2 sheets. SO the bot needs to read the first file and write the output and then automatically read the next file and write the out put in the sheet like above and so on

Hello @Jyothi_SUVERA

Are you trying to read 2 files and write that to a single sheet or do you need to process that data?

Please share the screenshot of the input files also.


Hi Rahul,
The sheet looks like this

we have 10 excel files. bot needs to read each file with two sheets. Compare them. and write the output. Like that Bot should read all the 10 sheets and write the output in the above format