Excel sheet related issue?

Hello Community,
Please solve my problem.
There are many Excel files inside a folder. At the end of these files
name robots that will open one by one. every file have 3 sheets. open one by one
files and I need to check sheet name like “newsheet” after checking for each file if
sheet name “newsheet” is exist then print I got it. If not get the sheet name in a file then that’s file will be delete.
Please solved the problem. It’s urgent for me.Send.zip (42.2 KB)

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@Jesmine which activity need to check from your workflow?

@razu91 the name is need to check.

@Jesmine ofcourse you can get it,use directly.getfiles(“path of the folder”)
-use for each inside it in assign activity give like this path.getsheetname(item)
-store this in a variable.
-and then use if condition

Please find attached flow
Send.zip (42.8 KB)

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Thanks @kirti.iyer,
Thanks for your helping. I need to use your workflow “send” instead of “need to check”image in my workflow. In my folder which I sent there have an file name is company.xlsx. this file have column name is “user file” image .when satisfy first condition

from my code then should be open single *robot.xlsx file from your code"send" image .After that again go to my code like satisfy condition then it should be open another *robot.xlsx file. But when I use your code “send” in my workflow then satisfy first condition from company.xlsx and open whole file like *robot.xlsx but it should be open single *robot.xlsx file and go to my code. Please check it and give the solution.

Could you help me please? @kirti.iyer

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here you go
hope its resolved
deletefiles.zip (27.4 KB)
Kindly check with the Book3.xlsx file as it didn’t have sheet newsheet which will get deleted
And cam hangs the file path of your folder in the getfile method

Cheers @Jesmine

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