Building First Process with Studio Question

Hey everyone. I’m currently in the Building a Process Part 1/2) and the issue I’m coming across is my end result when running the process my “Sales Results” contains 112 values instead of 50, which the video states that I should have. I’m not sure what part to even begin to amend bc I’m a beginner. Any suggestions on what to do?

Hi @smcphillip ,

Could you maybe explain a bit more on what is the implementation done on the workflow part ? And maybe also explain what are the Inputs /Input Data and what is the expected output required ?

Sure. I’m building a new automation process that consolidates data from multiple Excel reports into one and creates a pivot table and chart. There are 5 different excel reports that I’m using as input data and the expected output is a consolidated excel report and then create a pivot table and chart from that consolidated excel report.

The issue is that my consolidated report contains more rows than it should. It should be a total of 50 rows (51 if you count column row) and I have 120 (121 if you count column row).


Can you please confirm how are you trying to consilidate


We use a for each file in folder and use merge datatable inside it or use append range inside it and merge data together