Text file error while pasting

Hi Team,

Please find attached text file…

Can anyone copy the data from text file and paste it to the excel in correct format.

Please provide the xaml.file in that case

Many thanks
source.zip (487 Bytes)

Hi @jimmy_jos1.

I don’t know the correct format but I was able to do the following:

  • read the file using Read Text File activity;
  • Generate a data table using the output from above step - using Generate Data Table;
  • write information to an excel using a Write Line.

What you need to to is split the string from first step in the correct format (which I don’t know).

Hope this helps.


Do you have any idea on this scenario–

Once the text file is been downloaded open the text file (don’t save it on any folder) Copy the text file data into clipbard and paste it in the excel .???

I don’t think I understand the flow, maybe you can share the exact steps that you want to automate (where is the file coming from, etc)

Also, downloading the file means it’s saved somewhere locally in a folder. Or maybe there is something that I’m missing…

Step 1: click on open file
Step2: Copy the data on clipboard
Step3: Paste it to the excel file on specific folder

Hi @jimmy_jos1

Is the file csv or txt?

@aanandsanraj txt…file


After you open the file you can use a Get Text activity (found in UI Automation → Element → Control) and then do the same steps described in my first post.

If you must use the clipboard you could try with some key combination (not sure if it works, I haven’t tried it):

  • open the file
  • click inside
  • press CTRL+A to select all
  • press CTRL+C to copy
  • use a Copy Selected Text activity — but that will not split the text very pretty.

try the attached xaml
TextToExcel.xaml (13.2 KB)