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I would like some help, how to configure an http request via post in date format

follow print uipath and postmam

some variables already come from another field, the ones above are from each stage.

Via postmam it works, I wanted to know how to configure the uipath via form-data equal to the postmam, remembering that there is login and password.

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Hey @Camilo_Cardoso

Please check if this helps - Cloud API Access - #12 by Nithinkrishna


I don’t know how the API is designed, but since is a post request I believe you need to send your request body in JSON format, also in postman the values are added in the body, not the headers/parameters. I see in your configuration “body” is blank. Have you tried to build the JSON string in UiPath instead of adding your values in the headers/parameters?

API is designed to receive only format data,

in that format

–form ‘account=“34780381000190”’
–form ‘competence=“2022-05-01”’
–form ‘process=“75637”’
–form ‘step=“4”’
–form ‘status=“4”’
–form ‘description=“test”’

so that inside the uipath I don’t know how to create. the only way I can communicate is via postman this way

try sending your body in UiPath in a String variable using JSON format. Try the example below, you may also remove the line breaks.

I recommend you to also capture the headers, status code and the message you receive in UiPath to provide a more accurate recommendation

'account': '34780381000190',
'competence': '2022-05-01',
'process': '75637',
'step': '4',
'status': '4',
'description': 'test'

thank you brother it worked

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