Getting Runtime execution error in http request (Post)

Hello I am newbie here to uipath. I scraped some 10 fields from web application and imported to excel. From there I am trying to send all those fields to another application through post method in http request. PFA for error I am getting.


Following were the fields I am trying to send through POST in http request in JSON format.

“{ ““First name””: +Firstname+, ““Last name””: +Lastname+, ““Email””: +Email+, ““DOB””: +DOB+, ““Phone””: +Phone+, ““Marital””: +Marital+, ““Years””: +Years+, ““Military””: +Military+ }”

Can anyone help me here. Thanks in advance.

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I think you might missed the the parameter called fileName.


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@MAHESH1 Issue resolved. Instead of passing data in JSON body format, I have passed data through parameters.


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