HELP // How to process transactions in an online queue based on the type of transaction

Hello all,

I have a browser-based queue of currency pairs that changes real time. Each queue item requires someone to authorize it (by clicking a button to open the item details and then clicking ‘authorize’ from this page. Currently, once an item is authorized, you get bumped back to the queue). I want to automatically authorize all queue items that have the same currency pair (think Dollar - Dollar). The pairs are found in the queue item name.

Where I am getting stuck is on the queue processing itself, what kind of activity tracks a running queue and keeps the on-screen prompts tied to the queue entries? The queue activities I have used so far seem to pull the data from the browser instead of interacting with it. Any idea how I could do this?

Kindly let me now.


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Hey @JohnN1

Sorry, It’s a bit tough to understand the issue.

If you can please throw us some more light on the topic with screenshots or something to make it more clear will be great.

Are you talking about the Orchestrator queue here, please ?