Passing information from a transaction using the Queue Trigger in Orchestrator

Hi all, first time poster, long time lurker, so thanks for all the help so far :slight_smile:

I have a process which watches our ServiceNow queue, and when a new item is added it takes the information and uploads the TaskNumber and RequestType to an Orchestrator queue. These are saved in the “Specific Data” of each transaction in the queue.

I am aiming to have a Trigger to kick off another process when a queue item is added, to take the transaction and “do stuff”. At this point i’d be happy with a log message with STASK. I can get the trigger working, and it runs the process whenever a new request is added to my Orchestrator queue, but I can’t work out how to access the Transaction item’s “Specific Data”.

The forms i’ve looked at suggest “Get Transaction Item”, which i’ve been trying, but I don’t know how to access the specific item which triggered the process. Another option seems to be to pass the queue item to the job as an arguement which i’ve tried, but again couldn’t get it working.

Can you give any advice, or even a good resource on the Academy I could look at.

Thanks in advance

I’ve set it up using Get QueueItems, then looping through every one and just processing each one with the new status. My initial worry was that if 4 landed in the queue, then one process would end up dealing with all 4 and it would still be run 3 more times, but got around this with a if count>=1 then do, or else do nothing.

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