Help - For Each Row only inserting the last data row fetched from an excel file

I have a use case to format each row read from an excel file, then save all the data row to a text file.

I have written a workflow that does the correct formatting of the final text file, BUT I’m only getting the last row data in my text file. See screenshots;


Final output::

Could someone help with how I can fetch all my data? (17.8 KB)


Use read range workbook activity with Range as A1 and give the sheetname


I also tried that approach, but I had issues reading all the entries under each column.


  1. Read range workbook activity is what I suggested above

  2. What you are displaying in message box is row 3 and discharge date is it not getting displayed?

  3. And please remove visible rows only


A few things are not clear from your xaml from zip. But maybe it helps.
When a text file is already present then we add additional data with

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I think u r writing line instead of appending line

When u r write line to a text file or overwrites the existing line so only the final one will appear
If u use append line all lines will appear

Try append line or any activity that appends instead of write

Hope this helps

Cheers @Yomi_Oluwadara

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@Palaniyappan that works! . thanks


Use Read Range Workbook activity with sheetname and Page Range as where you want to write give that value…

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