HELP! Clipboard on Background


I have an issue with the clipboard, error message:
Assign: Error en OpenClipboard (0x800401D0 (CLIPBRD_E_CANT_OPEN))

I need to create a txt file by copy and paste a table from excel(I need the table on the that particular format), but i cant do it on background mode, does anybody know how can i get access to the clipboard on background?


Does this error always occur?
If not, it might be caused by confliction with another process which uses clipboard.
How about using it with Retry Scope?


Hi @Yoichi

It always occurs on background run, i dont know what to do


What does “Background” mean in this case? Is it Background process type?
And also can you share your environment such as version , AR or UR etc.?


is an unattended process that runs on a server, when i disconnect from server and run the process from orchestrator clipboard stop working


It might be difficult for background process to use clipboard on UR because it runs on session0 which has no user interface.


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