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Good day Friends - I have a bit of an issue I am facing. I recently deployed this project into production - It works well when my server screen is visible (Remote Desktop Connection) but the moment I sign off, I get this error from excel. The bot is Unattended. - I used an absolute path because that will not change in any scenario - would a relative path help in this case?

What could the issue be?
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Insert Rows: Failed setting the current sheet to: TemplateSheet in workbook: C:\Users\UiPathBot\Desktop\CTTUM_Final\CTTUM_File\CTTUM_Template_File.xlsx. Original error message: Exception from HRESULT: 0x800AC472

Hi @odure

Can you please specify whether you are using Excel Application Scope to open the excel & what exactly are you doing to set the current sheet?

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Check below for your reference

When dealing with Unattended robot, you need to install Assistance as Service mode, instead of User mode

Hope this may help you


Hi @odure - Make sure the sheet name that you are trying to create TemplateSheet does not contain any spaces before or after the sheet name.

Thanks for your response Arjun.Yes I am using Excel Application Scope in Modern Experience.

Yes this I have already done - Thanks.


In the properties, please uncheck the Visible option & let us know if the issue persists.

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@odure - Can you try changing the path and see how that goes. Path would be like


Thanks Usha - done but still no change.

@arjunshenoy Unfortunately, I dont seem to have the Uncheck Visible Option.

@odure - Can you try below points

1)Can you try killing excel from the task manager before excel scope
2)Try Keeping some delay before inserting rows
3) How about using classic Excel scope


Please try using the Excel Application Scope if possible.

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@ushu Thanks - let me redesign the workflow and use Exel application Scope.Thanks.

@arjunshenoy Alright - let me redesign the workflow.Sigh…Thanks.

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Did you try setting logon console to No in your Robot account settings ?

Try the below steps:

  1. Kill excel and try again.
    Issue persists then,
  2. Try passing sheet name dynamically instead of hardcoding
  3. Check your office license

it seems like you use Excel Activities from Modern Ui. have you try using it from Classic UI?