Hello Everybody

I’m newbie and I need your help. As you see, there is some items in the form, and I want to able to take all car brands, models, fuel type, body type etc one by one. When I choose a brand, it has to choose the model and then choose a fuel type of that model and go. When I reach the end, I have to take a step back, choose the other option in the fuel type and go to the end with all the options. Can you help me with how I can do this? By the way if something wrong in my English, I’m sorry

Hey @Pikachu_KH :wave:

Have you tried manipulating the selectors? If not, use a click activity, and select an item to see how the selectors are and based on that, we can move forward.

Try it and let me know if you are facing any issues!



I tried everything. Normally there is a number which increasing with item by item. But there is not an increasing number. They do just the list with name. I’ll add the images, the selectors. I thought too much and I could not find any way to take the data what ı want.


After all those days, I found the answer myself. The answer was actually right before my eyes. Thank you for everything :slight_smile:

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Do you mind sharing? What was the answer? :slight_smile:

The answer was simple. When I went up one digit in the selector editor I found the id numbers I was looking for there. And now I will select all of them one by one and do my job. :slight_smile: