Hello all, Showing error in calculate Client Security Hash project

After extracting the data,next Assign activity (TransactionData.Select(“Type=‘WI5’ AND Status=‘Open’”)
The error is giving like this
Assign: Object reference not set to an instance of an object.

Hello @lakshmi_narayana_ch ,

It is probably because there’s no data with the applied filter condition.
To avoid this error use if condition to check if the data exists before assigning it to a variable :

If(TransactionData.Select(“Type=‘WI5’ AND Status=‘Open’”).Rows.Count>0,TransactionData.Select(“Type=‘WI5’ AND Status=‘Open’”), TransactionData.Clone())



Check the TransactionItem whether you can able to get the item or not.

Check it in the Watch, immediate, or Local panel in the debug mode


HI @lakshmi_narayana_ch

Check out the variable for WIListSystem.Data.DataRow

Let us know if you need the Workflow of the process.


I assign same variable type

HI @lakshmi_narayana_ch

Check out the XAML file

Calculate_Client_Security_Hash.zip (1.6 MB)


Thank u its done

I do not feel its appropriate to provide a full automation like this for the practical exam in the UiPath training when someone asks for help. It defeats the point of them learning via doing it themselves.

This was a valuable opportunity for them to understand what an Object Reference not set to an instance of an object error is and how to debug it. Instead it appears they have just copied your code.

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