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I was exploring new features/Enhancments of Orchestrator . I have some doubts on Headless Process. I have read about this on Orchestrator Release notes but I am not understanding the actual benefit of Headless process. Can anyone please explain what is the use of it.


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you mean the Headless Process as unattended automation ?
If yes
you have to purchase Unattended robot license , that will do the process and complete without any human interactions

Actually I wanted to understand the concept of Headless process. Why we need this feature and where we can implement this in our Processes.
After your comment i have one more question added what is the difference between Headless process as Unattended Automation and Headless Process as Attended Automation.

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@Rahul_Jakhmola14 .
Uipath currently having 2 main type of robots
1.Unattended Robot
2.Attended Robot
Refer this

Base on those you can deside what process are required to make as attended and what are the process able to run without human interaction as unattended

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Thank you Maneesha for replying. So lets get back to the questions i was looking for -
-Where we can implement this feature(Headless process) in our process.
-What does it mean “You can run a job n number of times on same user”.
So in this case If a process has 100 transaction which a bot was taking 10 mins to complete. Now using this functionality(Headless process) if i run job 100 times then will the job gets completed in 1 min ?
-What are the advantages of Headless process ?

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