Headless vs Unattended

Hi, I am having the same questions. Can someone state the difference of headless and unattended robots ?

Hi @preeti.thukaram1,

I read over the original topic, but it isn’t clear to me what you mean by Headless vs Unattended Robot. Can you provide some documentation or references where you’ve seen headless mentioned?

Attended vs Unattended is based on the license provisioned for a user along with how the Robot Service is installed.

  • Attended in a User Mode will typically require the UiPath Assistant / UiRobot (Legacy) to be open and connected to Orchestrator.
  • Unattended is generally installed to the machine and has the Robot Service registered as a Windows Service allowing it to listen for jobs to run even when a user is not actively signed in an running the Assistant.

(Both methods above can be configured to have the Robot registered as a service).

Regarding “Headless”, I haven’t heard of a Robot configuration being referred to as headless.

With Attended Robot you have the concept of Background & Foreground Processes. Foreground processes can only run one at a time while background processes are unlimited. In addition to this you also have the ability for Picture-In-Picture mode to separate the Processes from interfering with an active user’s desktop.

An Unattended robot will run all processes as if it was a foreground process, and can run within 1 or more user sessions to the limit of the maximum concurrent runtimes you have configured for the specific machine.

Where headless in my mind comes into play is the concept of say a Headless browser in which the browser does not draw it’s UI to the display, typically interactions are done through some form of API of the browser. UiPath supported this through the WebDriver Protocol.

If the above doesn’t help to address your inquiry, I would kindly ask you provide more context for what you mean by “headless” as that typically refers to a computer without a monitor and keyboard in the traditional sense.

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Thanks for the detailed response. It is now clear.

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