Having issues when using classic get text activity

Hello all, I am working on an automation that opens a bunch of IT tickets and should check the requester and compare it with an exception list, and the state of the ticket and if it is marked as “Closed” it should close the tab, while testing the first email it detects the requester properly but for the next ones I get an error.

also I try to crosscheck the requester with a list which for testing purposes is blank atm and check the state of the ticket but he is bypassing those steps.
Any help would be highly appreciated.

e-mail filtering and Incident opening.7z (1.9 MB)

Hi @goncalo.rocha,

Kindly check the any excel instance is open in background with help of task manager.

no excel open, for the first sequence the one involving opening the browser he works just fine up until when he was supposed to check requester and state and work with that data he simply jumps to the next case and on the second case he gives an error when detecting the requester.

is it possible that the get text is looking for something specific? if so, is there any selector expression that I can use for any value on the supposed field?

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