Error in Selector of get text

I have few questions on my task
Question 1: I need to extract the text from this column and according to that the conditions are build
If i use get text for extracting it is returning the same output for each and every dropdown boxes(i.e, it is returning “Comunicari in vederea derularii contractului de furnizare e.e.” for all dropdown boxes)
Please tell me alternatives to get the text from each dropdown boxes
(Note : Data scrapping is not supportable in the application, Supports Screen scrapping )

Question 2: After searching for the element if the element is not found in the whole list i need to break the Do while loop and need to enter the status in the excel as “Error Finding”
Actually, I have created the workflow for searching the whole list and clicking on the text position that matches with the value of excel sheet
After reaching the end page if the text position is not found in the entire list i need to enter the status in the excel i dont know how to achieve this
Problem is I think loop became infinite ( Eventhough After reaching the end page the process not get stopped it continues to execute )

Please help me with the task anyone,Its Urgent …!

Thanks in Advance !

Have you tried find children on drop down, if your text found in list then use select item

Also, I’ve never used this activity but it sounds like it’s designed to do what you want, so it might be a better option than the above.

Select item is not supportable in the application

Sure I will try and get back to you

No bro it is used for mobile application bro
my task is in desktop application

@NIVED_NAMBIAR bro can you help me in this tasks bro

Hi @Sudharsan_AIT

have you tried get attribute activity, indicate the dropdown and select aaname from the activities dropdown ,



Hi @Sudharsan_AIT

Did u got answer for the first question ?

Yeah bro i used screen scrapping on each drop down and got the text

Need help in Question 2