Having issue when trying to get the asset from the new Orchestrator

Hi everyone,
I tried to upgrade orchestrator and studio to version 22.10.4.
I have installed on-premise Orchestrator v22.10 on another machine. I tried to migrate all processes that I used the old on-premise orchestrator v2019.10 to the new Orchestrator. I have connected studio and robot to the new Orchestrator and added all Asset to it. But when I tried to run the process, the bot got error when trying to get Asset from the new Orchestrator.

Is there anyone facing the same issues? Please help!
Thank you.

Hi @Dat_Nguyen1 ,

Could you check the system package upgraded to latest version if not pls upgrade to latest version and see if get asset activity is working fine. Please refer the below link for further reference. Thanks

Thank you. I have solved it

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