Have a doubt in Filter data table activity property

Hello All,

I’m using 20.10.6 UiPath studio version , here when i try to open my old project which was created using 19.4.2 studio version , some of the activities are look like library.

I used Filter data table activity now i want to make some changes in the filter condition but i couldn’t able to provide it, since the property is mentioning like “Value was set in xaml”


Kindly help

What is the version of system activities you are using? Try to upgrade your system activities (From Manage Packages to 20.10 or greater.


  1. In your old project, create a new Filter DataTable activity.
  2. Configure the activity with the desired properties, including the Filter Condition you want to use.
  3. Copy and paste the other relevant activities and settings from the old Filter DataTable activity to the new one.
  4. Delete the old Filter DataTable activity from the workflow.

I have tried that but it doesn’t work.

I dont have 19.4.2V studio anymore with me, i’m getting this in my old project when opened in 20.10.6V studio, Hope you understood my concern :slight_smile:

Can you share the xaml file?