Handle Unexpected Exit coded: 0xE0434352

I am trying to catch the exception 0xE0434352 but it seems that try-catch activity cannot cater 0xE0434352.

My workflow is that I use Excel Application Scope and read range function to extract 1 millions rows data in excel. I know that exception will appear so I would like to handle it.


Can you share me the error screenshot if possible with logs

for 1 millions rows, you better use excel it as a connection string

for details check below post

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exception type is system.exception,

So in Catch, you can select the same, so whenever there is a error it can do what ever you put the logic in Catch

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Thanks for your response. I used System.Exception and SystemException but the exception still appear. It sound weird


As per below link, it is a .net framework error


can you better try in different system? Its just a work around, to know about error

Also think using excel as database also

Hope this helps