Error: Job stopped with an unexpected exit code: 0xE0434352

Hi Team i am getting this error while reading around 5 lakh row item from an excel file using excel application scope activity.

Job stopped with an unexpected exit code: 0xE0434352

How can i resolve this error?

we got positvie feedback when following alternate was used


i have installed both the packages but activity is not showing in my activity panel.

Activity name - xl excel application scope

Please help.

@Shivam_Rana Please read data in chunks by 50k and merge in another table.
after reading all rows make first row as a column.

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Okay sure :smiley:

I read 1648756 data which is max number of excel sheet.
I used same method in xls file and we can’t read xls by workbook. I can share code snip by tonight might be it will helpful for you.


That would be great, thanks.

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@raja.arslankhan waiting for your response :smile:

@Shivam_Rana oh sorry I am sharing in few moments❤


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i have tried to implement your solution.
In Excel Application scope i have hardcoded the file path
and i am getting an error in remove data row activity - it says there is no row at position 0

Just checked Try condition is also not executed

@Shivam_Rana ok
1)First check are you storing data in DT and Merging data in out_FinalDT.
Check clear datatable activity.
2) In assign activity which is inside Try Catch
give that column index which is not empty:

DT.AsEnumerable().Where(Function(row) Not(row(YourColumn Which is not zero values)…

Also disable headers in read range

@raja.arslankhan yes i am using DT variable to read the read range activity and merge data table source and destination variable is also correct .
Even though all my column contain values.

I don’t know why few of my activities are not executing.
Please use the screenshot for your reference

i check the row count of dt variable in write line and it shows 50000
and to check why my try activity is not executing i have using another assign activity with same values before try cache
and it shows error - the source contain no datarows
All my column have value there is no blank field.

Send me your project by zip…

This exception shows your next 50k chunk is empty. Something missing

NewDataExcelCount.xaml (22.3 KB)
Please use this, & let me know the issue

Make copy of your whole project and send that one. Not able to open
Single file. (4.0 KB)
Sry for that , you can use this & let me know if anything is pending from my side

Mean while check your first column after 50k rows…
I am not able to see do while also