Read Range in Excel application scope 0xE0434352 error


I’m try to read range in excel application scope.

I have a 0xE0434352 error.
An error appeared while executing PROCESSNAME
Error Message : Job stopped with an unexpected wxit code : 0xE0434352

I already use kill process activity before excel application scope activity

Studio version is 2018.4.1
.NET framework is 4.7
Uipath.Excel.Activities is 2.4.6884.25683

Please help me.


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Are you using Enterprise or Community Edition of UIpath studio ?

As you said you are using 2018.4.1 and could you please install new version of UIpath studio and try once.

Hi @Jade

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Kindly update the excel activity package and restart the restart the system. This will work for sure
For updating the package
Design tab in uipath studio → manage packages → go to project dependencies → click on excel.activities and update the package
For more details on this

Hope this would help you
Cheers @Jade

@lakshman @Palaniyappan
Thanks for your help.
I already tried that. But It was not like that matter.

The problem was the excel file. The excel file was abnormal. (Too much file size)
So I make excel file new one.


Cheers @Jade