Hand written text is not getting recognized

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Just a small concern on "Why OCR (available in UI path) is not able to recognize hand written text from PDF file.
I came to know like it is possible through Microsoft Azure but only my query is why it is not possible through other OCR.

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Hi Buddy @Rahulsinha

This can be due to many reasons behind the scene
–the words might not be clear to be identified
–or some junks might be coming as output even on reading with OCR
–so make sure that the wordings are legible to read with which the ocr can read for sure, in such situation we can use ABBYY OCR to read them with some small changes in scale properties or we can still use Read Handwritten Text activity from uipath


Hi @Rahulsinha,
Not all OCR engines are made to this. Handwritten text requires specific modules. For handwritten text cloud based OCR are the best approach as cloud provides more performance and machine learning which requires huge database.

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