GSuite Share Folder - SharedDrive


does anyone faced similar issue?
When I’m trying to create new folder on Shared Drive using GSuite activity: Create Folder, it’s giving me no errors, it’s giving new folder ID, but no folder is created.
I can’t find it manually nor through activity “Find files and folders” in studio.
It has worked perfectly till now. And I’m wondering what is wrong. I did not provide any changes to the same code, which was working.
Any ideas what is happening? Why studio is not throwing any errors on this activity?


Hello @olgu ,

Is there any recent update happened to the packages? Also can you try updating the dependency.

Also while trying to create manually are you able to see the new folders?

Sure, manually creation is working fine.
I haven’t done any update to the package.
Now I’m trying to check all upgrades and downgrades of package for Gsuite (now called Google Workspace), but none of them is working properly…