Grid list inside Dropdown issue

Hi Guys,

I have a dropdown list…its not a noemal dropdown kind of thing… its like a grid list inside the dropdown…
i used Type into activity to get the list from the dropdown…its coming dynamically from the excel …

here my issue is if i type manually in the dropdown the list will appear in 2sec so that i can select from the list…her my peoblem is while getting the text from excel after typing the text the list is not appering for long time…some times its showing in 10sec and sometimes after 30sec also the list as not apperaing… so because of this its jumping to the next step and i am getting selector error…

so please help me out this.


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Instead of typing did we try with COPY and PASTE
That is pass the same string input to SET TO CLIPBOARD activity so that it will get copied to clipboard
Then use SEND HOT KEY ACTIVITY with key as ctrl+v which will paste the value in that field from clipboard
This will be much faster than typing

Cheers @suresh_kumar4


Thanks for your quick response… i tried this i am facing the same issue… what i faced earlier.
is there any other option.


So do you mean like the item is not getting selected on the list
Kindly elaborate a bit more pls

i am having a dropdown like this


i am getting the drop down list like this…if i type the text inside the dropdown…the below list will appear
i am getting this while i am doing it manually… once i run it in uipath after typing the text the dropdown is not appearing… i can able to select the item once the list opens…so here the list is not opening while running in uipath…when i do it manually it opens…

Hope you understand.


Hi @suresh_kumar4,

in this case use type into activity to perform the action.

auto drop down check in the parallel activity using element exists once u got then try to click the respective one.