How can i search a specific text into dropdown list plz?

How can i search a specific text into dropdown list plz ?

For example here “Debug - n°7”

I tried click text activity but it doesnt work.


Hi @Soudios

U can use innertext attribute to check whether a value is in drop-down or not


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It might not work if you tried via recording. It will work if you manually use click text and quote the keyword coming in the drop down. If it points to a link, you can use navigation link too.

@NIVED_NAMBIAR : Can you send me a screen of how can i use innertext plz ?
@ADARSH_M : can you send me a example plz ?

Use click text activity, and write "Debug - n°7” with double quotes inside the box. It will work.

if you want to select anything from drop downs use select item activity

If nothing works… then give it a try with “Find Children” activity. You can able to get the UiElement details of all the items in the List… Then pass that UiElement as input to the Click Activity.

@sybasha : image : Error with select item activity

@ADARSH_M : image : Error with select text

@ManiPrajwal_K : Yes the others solutions doesn’t work, can you send me an example of “Find children” process plz ?

use image activities

How this drop down list is coming. If it need to click some text to popup, you can try to use select activity first. You are studying uipath selfpace?


This drop down list is coming by opening an 'exe" file

Selpace ?

Hi @Soudios Please try below approach and let me know if this works or not.

1 . Click on Drop Down icon (Either by click activity or Click Image)
2 . Post the dropdown list is available Create one loop and try to get the text either by get Text activity if it works or else go for taking text into clipboard ( Ctrl + C) and assign it to variable
3 . Post one value is available in variable compare it with expected Value( Use if Statement)
4 . Once value gets matched break the loop

Hi @Soudios

Please use two click activity.

One for clicking the dropdown element and another for clicking the value from dropdown.

In the second click activity, change the selector dynamically.
Like: aaname =’"+your variable+"’.

Note: Make sure your variable contains the same letters as in selector. To make sure, before changing the selector dynamically, copy the aaname value and see whether your variable as same letters.

Hope this will solve your problem.



Its works thank you

But i want to search a text from Excel.
When i tried that it dosesnt work :

Image of click activity selector :


What error is showing. And please add a write line activity before click activity and copy-past the click selector into that, to ensure that the variable is passing the value correctly. Thanks.


I don’t know why it doesn’t work



Hi @Soudios

Can you please forward your xaml file. So that I can help you.


what information of my process do you need, i will send you all the sreeen you need

The question is how can i get text from excel and search this text on a dropdown list (On adding this variable on the selector)

Error message “Object reference not set to an instance” saying that you are not passing any value to the ColonneEtab variable… make sure you’re passing a value to a variable before using them.

I need the process start from cell A5