Google Text analysis services

Hello & Good Morning,
I need information about Google Text analysis on the below Issue:
I need to perform different operations for a specific request based on the request mentioned by the customer in the email body. based on a few keywords in the body I decide the flow.
when I feed that mail body to the Google text analysis it returns back few keys words which serve my purpose, but
My question is we can do the same using Uipath code, using the command “Contains” and mentioning the keywords.
what more services do google text analysis could provide?

can anyone explain me, please?

Thanks & Regards.

Using Google Text Analysis activity, you can analyse the sentiment ( positivity, negativity,) , polarity and lot more which normal string operations cannot achieve.
You can learn more here:
Following are different use cases of Text analysis;


Thanks for responding and proving some info. It is helpful.
But i need a bit more information.

@Tuhin_Samanta I am using Google Text Analysis activity but the OutPut Variable Raw Result is giving invalid json. I am not able to parse the json.
Can you please assist me.

Best Regards
Amit M

Here is the error: Deserialize JSON: Cannot create and populate list type Newtonsoft.Json.Linq.JToken. Path ‘sentences’, line 2, position 16.

and bleow is the Json

"{\n “sentences”: [],\n “tokens”: [],\n “entities”: [\n {\n “name”: “hardware”,\n “type”: “OTHER”,\n “metadata”: {},\n “salience”: 0.34424457,\n “mentions”: [\n {\n “text”: {\n “content”: “hardware”,\n “beginOffset”: -1\n },\n “type”: “COMMON”\n }\n ]\n },\n {\n “name”: “music”,\n “type”: “WORK_OF_ART”,\n “metadata”: {},\n “salience”: 0.16264704,\n “mentions”: [\n {\n “text”: {\n “content”: “music”,\n “beginOffset”: -1\n },\n “type”: “COMMON”\n },\n {\n “text”: {\n “content”: “music”,\n “beginOffset”: -1\n },\n “type”: “COMMON”\n }\n ]\n },\n {\n “name”: “speaker”,\n “type”: “PERSON”,\n “metadata”: {},\n “salience”: 0.07311107,\n “mentions”: [\n {\n “text”: {\n “content”: “speaker”,\n “beginOffset”: -1\n },\n “type”: “COMMON”\n }\n ]\n },\n {\n “name”: “amazon”,\n “type”: “OTHER”,\n “metadata”: {},\n “salience”: 0.047477193,\n “mentions”: [\n {\n “text”: {\n “content”: “amazon”,\n “beginOffset”: -1\n },\n “type”: “COMMON”\n }\n ]\n },\n {\n “name”: “example”,\n “type”: “OTHER”,\n “metadata”: {},\n “salience”: 0.043456104,\n “mentions”: [\n {\n “text”: {\n “content”: “example”,\n “beginOffset”: -1\n },\n “type”: “COMMON”\n }\n ]\n },\n {\n “name”: “youtube”,\n “type”: “OTHER”,\n “metadata”: {\n “mid”: “/m/09jcvs”,\n “wikipedia_url”: “”\n },\n “salience”: 0.04271461,\n “mentions”: [\n {\n “text”: {\n “content”: “wynk”,\n “beginOffset”: -1\n },\n “type”: “COMMON”\n },\n {\n “text”: {\n “content”: “youtube”,\n “beginOffset”: -1\n },\n “type”: “PROPER”\n }\n ]\n },\n {\n “name”: “software front”,\n “type”: “OTHER”,\n “metadata”: {},\n “salience”: 0.035568237,\n “mentions”: [\n {\n “text”: {\n “content”: “software front”,\n “beginOffset”: -1\n },\n “type”: “COMMON”\n }\n ]\n },\n {\n “name”: “commands”,\n “type”: “OTHER”,\n “metadata”: {},\n “salience”: 0.03539345,\n “mentions”: [\n {\n “text”: {\n “content”: “commands”,\n “beginOffset”: -1\n },\n “type”: “COMMON”\n }\n ]\n },\n {\n “name”: “any”,\n “type”: “OTHER”,\n “metadata”: {},\n “salience”: 0.015295136,\n 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