Google Text Analysis Json Error

Hi All,

I am using Google Text Analysis activity to do Entity and Sentiment Analysis. Everything is working fine but the output Variable RawResult is giving invalid Json.
Can anyone please enlighten me for same.

Here is the error: Deserialize JSON: Cannot create and populate list type Newtonsoft.Json.Linq.JToken. Path ‘sentences’, line 2, position 16.

and bleow is the Json

“{\n "sentences": ,\n "tokens": ,\n "entities": [\n {\n "name": "hardware",\n "type": "OTHER",\n "metadata": {},\n "salience": 0.34424457,\n "mentions": [\n {\n "text": {\n "content": "hardware",\n "beginOffset": -1\n },\n "type": "COMMON"\n }\n ]\n },\n {\n "name": "music",\n "type": "WORK_OF_ART",\n "metadata": {},\n "salience": 0.16264704,\n "mentions": [\n {\n "text": {\n "content": "music",\n "beginOffset": -1\n },\n "type": "COMMON"\n },\n {\n "text": {\n "content": "music",\n "beginOffset": -1\n },\n "type": "COMMON"\n }\n ]\n },\n {\n "name": "speaker",\n "type": "PERSON",\n "metadata": {},\n "salience": 0.07311107,\n "mentions": [\n {\n "text": {\n "content": "speaker",\n "beginOffset": -1\n },\n "type": "COMMON"\n }\n ]\n },\n {\n "name": "amazon",\n "type": "OTHER",\n "metadata": {},\n "salience": 0.047477193,\n "mentions": [\n {\n "text": {\n "content": "amazon",\n "beginOffset": -1\n },\n "type": "COMMON"\n }\n ]\n },\n {\n "name": "example",\n "type": "OTHER",\n "metadata": {},\n "salience": 0.043456104,\n "mentions": [\n {\n "text": {\n "content": "example",\n "beginOffset": -1\n },\n "type": "COMMON"\n }\n ]\n },\n {\n "name": "youtube",\n "type": "OTHER",\n "metadata": {\n "mid": "/m/09jcvs",\n "wikipedia_url": "\”\n },\n "salience": 0.04271461,\n "mentions": [\n {\n "text": {\n "content": "wynk",\n "beginOffset": -1\n },\n "type": "COMMON"\n },\n {\n "text": {\n "content": "youtube",\n "beginOffset": -1\n },\n "type": "PROPER"\n }\n ]\n },\n {\n "name": "software front",\n "type": "OTHER",\n "metadata": {},\n "salience": 0.035568237,\n "mentions": [\n {\n "text": {\n "content": "software front",\n "beginOffset": -1\n },\n "type": "COMMON"\n }\n ]\n },\n {\n "name": "commands",\n "type": "OTHER",\n "metadata": {},\n "salience": 0.03539345,\n "mentions": [\n {\n "text": {\n "content": "commands",\n "beginOffset": -1\n },\n "type": "COMMON"\n }\n ]\n },\n {\n "name": "any",\n "type": "OTHER",\n "metadata": {},\n "salience": 0.015295136,\n "mentions": [\n {\n "text": {\n "content": "any",\n "beginOffset": -1\n },\n "type": "COMMON"\n }\n ]\n },\n {\n "name": "music apps",\n "type": "CONSUMER_GOOD",\n "metadata": {},\n "salience": 0.015295136,\n "mentions": [\n {\n "text": {\n "content": "music apps",\n "beginOffset": -1\n },\n "type": "COMMON"\n }\n ]\n },\n {\n "name": "saavn",\n "type": "OTHER",\n "metadata": {},\n "salience": 0.0134896105,\n "mentions": [\n {\n "text": {\n "content": "saavn",\n "beginOffset": -1\n },\n "type": "COMMON"\n }\n ]\n },\n {\n "name": "natural language processing",\n "type": "OTHER",\n "metadata": {},\n "salience": 0.011291221,\n "mentions": [\n {\n "text": {\n "content": "natural language processing",\n "beginOffset": -1\n },\n "type": "COMMON"\n }\n ]\n },\n {\n "name": "hope",\n "type": "OTHER",\n "metadata": {},\n "salience": 0.011049568,\n "mentions": [\n {\n "text": {\n "content": "hope",\n "beginOffset": -1\n },\n "type": "COMMON"\n }\n ]\n },\n {\n "name": "query",\n "type": "OTHER",\n "metadata": {},\n "salience": 0.01038831,\n "mentions": [\n {\n "text": {\n "content": "query",\n "beginOffset": -1\n },\n "type": "COMMON"\n }\n ]\n },\n {\n "name": "example",\n "type": "OTHER",\n "metadata": {},\n "salience": 0.010281061,\n "mentions": [\n {\n "text": {\n "content": "example",\n "beginOffset": -1\n },\n "type": "COMMON"\n }\n ]\n },\n {\n "name": "query",\n "type": "OTHER",\n "metadata": {},\n "salience": 0.009517636,\n "mentions": [\n {\n "text": {\n "content": "query",\n "beginOffset": -1\n },\n "type": "COMMON"\n }\n ]\n },\n {\n "name": "times",\n "type": "OTHER",\n "metadata": {},\n "salience": 0.009503888,\n "mentions": [\n {\n "text": {\n "content": "times",\n "beginOffset": -1\n },\n "type": "COMMON"\n }\n ]\n },\n {\n "name": "gaana",\n "type": "OTHER",\n "metadata": {},\n "salience": 0.009078462,\n "mentions": [\n {\n "text": {\n "content": "gaana",\n "beginOffset": -1\n },\n "type": "COMMON"\n }\n ]\n },\n {\n "name": "echo",\n "type": "OTHER",\n "metadata": {},\n "salience": 0.009053629,\n "mentions": [\n {\n "text": {\n "content": "echo",\n "beginOffset": -1\n },\n "type": "COMMON"\n }\n ]\n },\n {\n "name": "products",\n "type": "CONSUMER_GOOD",\n "metadata": {},\n "salience": 0.009053629,\n "mentions": [\n {\n "text": {\n "content": "products",\n "beginOffset": -1\n },\n "type": "COMMON"\n }\n ]\n },\n {\n "name": "most",\n "type": "OTHER",\n "metadata": {},\n "salience": 0.008350227,\n "mentions": [\n {\n "text": {\n "content": "most",\n "beginOffset": -1\n },\n "type": "COMMON"\n }\n ]\n },\n {\n "name": "access",\n "type": "OTHER",\n "metadata": {},\n "salience": 0.008011961,\n "mentions": [\n {\n "text": {\n "content": "access",\n "beginOffset": -1\n },\n "type": "COMMON"\n }\n ]\n },\n {\n "name": "answer",\n "type": "OTHER",\n "metadata": {},\n "salience": 0.006979949,\n "mentions": [\n {\n "text": {\n "content": "answer",\n "beginOffset": -1\n },\n "type": "COMMON"\n }\n ]\n },\n {\n "name": "os",\n "type": "OTHER",\n "metadata": {},\n "salience": 0.0062795673,\n "mentions": [\n {\n "text": {\n "content": "os",\n "beginOffset": -1\n },\n "type": "COMMON"\n }\n ]\n },\n {\n "name": "music base",\n "type": "OTHER",\n "metadata": {},\n "salience": 0.0062728566,\n "mentions": [\n {\n "text": {\n "content": "music base",\n "beginOffset": -1\n },\n "type": "COMMON"\n }\n ]\n },\n {\n "name": "alexa",\n "type": "OTHER",\n "metadata": {},\n "salience": 0.00626669,\n "mentions": [\n {\n "text": {\n "content": "alexa",\n "beginOffset": -1\n },\n "type": "COMMON"\n }\n ]\n },\n {\n "name": "integration",\n "type": "OTHER",\n "metadata": {},\n "salience": 0.00626669,\n "mentions": [\n {\n "text": {\n "content": "integration",\n "beginOffset": -1\n },\n "type": "COMMON"\n }\n ]\n },\n {\n "name": "google",\n "type": "OTHER",\n "metadata": {\n "mid": "/m/045c7b",\n "wikipedia_url": "\"\n },\n "salience": 0.0053556873,\n "mentions": [\n {\n "text": {\n "content": "google",\n "beginOffset": -1\n 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Best Regards
Amit M

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