Google text analysis

Can you please help me how to translate from english to many languages like hindi, tamil by uipath and read the data from excel and also write the translated data to excel.

@madhavi_123 UiPath Cognitive Service Activities Tutorial

Can you please refer the above link

@madhavi_123 An API Key is required for Google Text Analysis Don’t know exactly is Google providing trail API Key or not. Microsoft is providing a trial key if you want you can use it. Step by step procedure is expained in above link

@aman_sheik I already read it but i want some video tutorial and how some guideline how it is use in uipath. (9.2 KB)

Once Refer this one.

Aman Sheik.

the example is not Google, which is a bit sad for me, since i am looking for a way to implement the Google Text Analysis.
I started with an example, but it does not work. I believe there is something wrong with the Service URL, but i do not know what it could be. Perhaps someone has more knowledge about that.

Here is my example without my key, because i do not want to spread it all over the internet. (10.1 KB)

Hi ,

Can anyone share me the example of Google text Analysis. I have passed the google api key but the result i am not getting.