Google search result extraction data : this element type is not eligible for data extraction

Good Morning,
I am learning UiPath and follow the tutorial : “UI Automation with the modern experience”
I try to scrape the the result of a google search : the link, the title or the content, etc. with TABLE EXTRACTION on Microsoft Edge.
But I get the following result : this element type is not eligible for data extraction…
What’s happening ?
Thank you for your help.

HI @Octave_Descours

Can you share the screenshot of the screen you are trying to scrap?


Thank you for your reply Sudharsan,
Here it is

Hi @Octave_Descours

Have you tried with Data Scrapping method?


Hi Gokul001,
I think this tool : Data Scrapping method is present in classic version, right ,
I am currently using modern version as you can see here :

How can I do to be able to use the data Scraping method ?

Thank you

Hi @Octave_Descours

Go to project → Setting → Disable the Modern Design experiences


Thank you, I have tried and I get the following error :

We can’t do it via Data scrapping or Table extraction @Octave_Descours

Can you Tell us what are the data you need to extract from the Page

Why can’t we do this ?
I would like to extract the url link and the title below.


Can you show us exactly how you have indicated?


Have you selected like this? @Octave_Descours

Uninstall your extension and reinstall it again and check again

After selecting first column you will shown a popup where you can use extract url so that it will get you the url too of that particular line