Google Hangouts extension in Chrome

Hi all,

I think I may already know the answer to this, but am putting it out there in case anyone in this great community has found a workaround for my issue.

I have a customer that uses the Google suite for its call-centre applications and processes (Chrome browser, Google Sheets etc).
The agents use Google Hangouts for internal comms, and they are quite active on it.

The most popular way for Agents to use hangouts is to have the Chrome extension installed, and hangouts “floating” as a separate app from the Chrome browser.

The challenge here is that our attended Robots see the floating Hangouts as an additional instance of Google Chome, and get “confused” as to which Browser they are interacting with.

We’ve isolated that this is the root cause, as if we disable the Hangouts extension and get the agents to run hangouts in a Chrome Browser tab, the issue disappears.
However, this reduces the efficiency of the interactive chat n the team.

I’m wondering if anyone has come across this (Google suite is quite common) and has found a way to differentiate between the floating Hangouts chat and the Chrome Browser.

Thanks for any suggestions

Try using the Attach Browser activity on the floating window and a separate one for the window that isn’t floating. You may be able to fine-tune the selector for the floating window to be more specific by using the title of the window in the selector.

Thanks Anthny,
Apologies for the slow reply.
I had tried this, but with your recommendation tried it again and spent some time specifying the selector using the title of the Window and looking for anything else I could use to differentiate the two instances of the Browser.
Unfortunately, while it seems to work most of the time, it occasionally still gets mixed up and brings the wrong browser into focus.
I’m unable (so far) to work out why it it not either consistent or roughly 50:50.
Really appreciate your quick reply.

Hola, me pueden ayudar. Soy nuevo en esto y mi problema tiene relación con hangouts. La condición previa es estar ya ingresado con la cuenta google. Lo que quiero realizar es automatizar el proceso de creación de un grupo de chat, el tema es que Uipath al momento de ejecución no identifica el campo “Nombre, correo o telefono” arrojando el tipico error “No se puede encontrar el elemento de la UI que corresponde”, al revisar con UIExplorar este arroja esté arroja todo los atributos a nivel de html, reparo el elemento y vuelvo a ejecutar y se pierde nuevamente. Estoy utilizando Google Chrome Versión 80.0.3987.132 (Build oficial) (64 bits), los emails los rescato desde un excel son 5… Agradeceré toda la ayuda posible