Google Drive Download File - How to Convert?

Hi everybody.

I’m using the activity “Download File” from GSuite, but I’m facing an issue.
When I try to download a Google Docs or a Google Sheets, I’m receiving a PDF.
Even if I use as local path something like “C:\Users\xxxx.docx”, I’m not able to convert my file.

Am I missing something ? Or maybe this is not possible ?


hi @Julien_Flamen, did you resolved issue?

I have this same issue @Julien_Flamen. Did you find a resolution?


I was able to convert it in the right format by using local path correctly “fileName.docx” if it’s a docx.
For Google Sheets, I’m using GSuite and I’m getting Datatable directly.

Which kind of file are you trying to download ?


I’m basically trying to download Google Sheet files, but save them as Excel. It doesn’t seem that’s possible, though.

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I don’t think it’s possible.
The best thing you can do, is to use GSuite to get DT and to write it as Excel file… Not the best option but it will work at least.