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I am currently using the Gsuite Activities Package. I need to access some spreadsheet to read some data. The file are uploaded as an XLS format. Unfortunately, when I am trying to read the file I am thrown are an error [400]. I figured than changing the format to Google Doc will solve the issue. I am not able (time consuming) to convert each and every file to Google Doc. I know that I have an option to auto-convert to Google Doc by selecting this options in the settings of the Gdrive (it’s on), but since the file are uploaded through Google Form, for some reason the conversion do not work. My question is, is there any way to access XLS file through the Gsuite activities ? Is there any known work-around to this problem ?

@stefanRPA - Today only, I learned about Gsuite and created a workflow for writing a line on the Google Docs sheets. It worked fine.

So when I tried to use the same workflow for .xlsx file, I got the same 400 error.

Did you find any work around ?

@stefanRPA - I don’t think there is a solution. We have to build some actives to convert the .xlsx to Google sheets and then continue the flow using Gsuite.

After some thinking, I found a workaround which work for my business process.

I can download the file using a download file activities, then import the datatable using a Excel Read Range activity and finally deleting the file locally using Delete activity.

Pretty straightforward.

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