Download spreadsheet

Hi Expertise
I am having a problem with downloading the spreadsheet as Excel(.xlsx).

  1. I tried with Gsuite Drive, but it downloads it as a pdf file, and
  2. I tried with click activity File>Download as>>.xlsx, but it works to a particular sheet only,

Can anyone suggest me how to do it?
Thank you.

Hi @Kuenzang Can you share more details?
Where are you trying to download the file from? What are the activities you are trying to use to download?

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Hi @kaderms
I am going to download a spreadsheet, I have used click activity and google drive Gsuite activity to download file.
I didn’t get the result, please can you help me on it.

Any problems with the click? Is it throwing an error?


Yes, it works to only for one spreadsheet not the all the spreadsheet.

Can you share more details about the sheets where you are facing issues? details like these might help me understand the issue better -
which browser are you using?
which activities are you using to click?
what is happening when you click? - No response? or any errors from UiPath?
screenshot of the page and where you are trying to click.
steps that you are trying to do
your xaml file if possible

Add whichever details seems appropriate


Hey @Kuenzang have you taken a look at this already? Might be useful for you.

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@Kuenzang I already achieved this using Google GSuite. There is a ‘download file’ activity there and you just need to provide the ID of the file you want to download and the path where you want to save it


Hi @kaderms
I have tried that one with Gsuite download file activity, as the downloaded file is in pdf, and I want is .xlsx file., In second step, I have problem with the selectors, where it works for only one sheet that I have recorded, not all of other sheets.

I might need to take a look at your workflow to check the issue with the GSuite activity.

For the issue with the selectors, can you share the selector that is in your click activity, when you are clicking on the file?
Also use Indicate on screen to select the second file and share the new selector too.

I can help you with a dynamic selector maybe.

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I can you show me one demo.

So which of these three steps fails?

All are not valid, when tried with other sheet.

Then I would need the locators of all these three activities, for atleast two files.
So that we can have a generic locator, something that would depend on the file name or the file order.

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Won’t it the robot run for all the spreadsheet?

It sure will. If you make it to do so.
Generally while recording it is not that intelligent to identify the patterns that can change. So a bit of tweaking is required.

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Can you do one and please share me.
Thank you

I can help. Will continue in PM

I did found a way to directly download any excel file into your local folder. The process is:

  1. Install package GSuite
  2. Add GSuite Application Scope, and define your client ID, client secret, and API key
  3. Also define the permissions for the services (for your case, you’d need Drive access)
  4. Use Find Files and Folders activity inside the GSuite Application Scope and enter the filename that is to be downloaded. Store the result in a variable.
  5. Use Download file activity and pass the variable that was received from the previous step.

For some cases, I found that the file gets downloaded but is corrupted even though I downloaded the file as .xlsx. @Kuenzang Please try this way and let me know if you face the same issue.

If anyone has a workway around that then please let me know.


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Having the same issue did you find a solution for this? it downloads as pdf
when i give extention .xlsx it is corrupted