How to download Files from Google Drive

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I have the URL of the file which the file is in the google drive. I want to download that file from google drive to local folder. Suggest me the best ways to achieve this.

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Hi @mkankatala

You can use the GSuite activities Package in UiPath to achieve this

For Ref:

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Hi @mkankatala

You can try like this

Example Docs link :

Modified Docs link :

You just (edit#gid=0) remove this = add this export


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Hi @AJ_Ask

I tried to use this activity but there is no option to give the local path where I want to download the file. Could you be more elaborate.

Hi @Gowtham_krishnan

The above URL’s are not working when I try to access those it was denied.

You can try your link @mkankatala the above link is sample format

Download all files from Google Drive folder - Feedback / Activities - UiPath Community Forum

Check this once. In this they have used the Classic GSuite activities
where we can mention path

But where I have to use this format @Gowtham_krishnan


I tried to use this activity @AJ_Ask , it was downloading the file but we cannot access the file due to it was downloaded from google drive. It was showing the error as below.

You tried with classic activities?

@mkankatala at the end you can modified your link refer the above post

Yes I tried only Classic activity @AJ_Ask

So in that we can mention the path for downloading the file