Google Chrome Print Window

Hi All,

I need StudioX to be able to recognise the Print popup within Google Chrome and click “Save”.

StuidoX does not “see” the popup, there is also no send hot key function in StuidoX


Just to add this is the configure;

have you tried pressing F3 or F4 while in selection mode? to change the framework…
maybe image selection would do the trick.

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Thank you :slight_smile: that worked.

But i’m stuck on the next step, I need to press save on the Windows Explorer screen.

I understand I need to use additional “Application Card” but I am using a for each row loop and cant use a 2nd “Application Card”… is there any tricks to get around this?


The save window is seen as a new application so it needs a new app card to indicate the window and inside it a click or type into that types the name and hits enter instead of clicking save. All of them in the for each activity

Be aware that for each row has a property that says how it should behave on empty rows: stop, process or skip.

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