E Mail Attachment downloads -Gmail

Hello! I am trying to download attachment from the gmail.But my bot is running and completing the execution and showing no error n also no attached file downloaded.
Please help me

Hi @Arooshi,
Please check this.


I am also facing same issue, the execution is fine, i can print the attachment count, there is content in attachment, but nothing ever gets downloaded.
Using Gmail Imap to get mail messages

@robinsonjoseph did you figured what happened in your case?

Yes, we just need to remove the filter from the save attachments activity.

@robinsonjoseph Thank You for taking time and replying me back. But i figured something else in my case. I really appreciate it.

Hi…you can probably share what u found so that it can help someone else.

Hi @venky

could you please let me know what was your solution for this issue?

I have the same problem with an E-mail. The workflow goes through the Save Mail Attachments activity without saving anything, although I can see it by the E-mail that it has a PDF attached.

I do not have any filter by the Activity.

Thank you,

I still have the same problem, the program runs but i dont see any attachments. I’ve used:

  • use gmail
  • for each email
  • do → save email attachments

Did you save the attachments in the project folder?
Files other then text files are not visible in the Project panel by default because of the Filter Options.

Project panel > Filter Options icon > check “Other”

Hope this helps someone!