Global TimeoutMS for a project

Which UiPath Studio is this feature available from? 2019.10?

2010.10 has it for sure. But I think this setting was introduced much earlier, 2010.4 should have it too already.

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Great that it’s added, much needed. How do you set it?

Hi @Tomlin

Simply navigate to your Project’s settings (the gear icon on top of the Project panel), and then select the UI Automation tab.

You will be able to configure much more default values than just the timeout :slight_smile:

Thank you. Any ideas on how to test it on a fast network (how to slow it down)? The process I’m working on takes 1/2 second locally in development, but 40+ on robot’s VM. Opening a SharePoint site. We have access restrictions on the production robot machine, so it’s hands-off for developers.We are in the process of getting a testing robot VMs. I’ve set the timeout, but doesn’t seem to respect it.