Change the default "Timeout" all the projects


How can I change the default value of TIMEOUTMS so that wait more than 3000 ms in all the activities that have this parameter?

I know that I can do change the value in each activity but the idea is to change one setting to impact all the activities

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Buddy create a variable named int_time of type int32 in the variable panel and assign it with value of time you want in milliseconds
and place that variable in all the activity TimeoutMS
now if you change the value here in the variable panel will impact all the places wherever this variable is used in timeoutMS
Simple buddy
Kindly try this and let know buddy
Cheers @Lucky0906

did that work buddy @Lucky0906

The default timeouts are coded into the actual activities, I don’t believe there is any functionality at this time to change that value in one place and have it filter down. @Palaniyappan’s suggestion is the closest thing to what you are asking.

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That idea works perfectly however, I have 10 workflow files so that i need to create the variable in each one. The idea was change some value to update all the activities as @DanielMitchell mentioned as the first idea.

I believe that the unique solutions is to create the variable in each workflow.


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Yah in that ase better we can mention them in a config file and get the variable and value from the config file as a dictionary key value pair like how we do in REFramework with config file and get the value from constants sheet
this would let us use that single variable in all the 10 workflow files and make use of them with arguments
Cheers @Lucky0906

that means he need changes in all activities the variable ? that sounds a looot of work