Global Handler Is not being executed in workflow?

I have been slaving for hours reading documentation and forums regarding this and I still am having the most puzzling issue with the simplest concept in UiPath. I am trying to use the Global Handler to handle exceptions and retry them accordingly.

The crazy thing is that I have downloaded examples from academy, followed along with the training videos, read the documentation, downloaded the example from the documentation here: Global Exception Handler and I even tried to make one from scratch on my own. None of these have solved my issue.

What happens is that the workflow I am executing sees the exception and throws it to the output terminal without any handling by the global handler in the project. Is this a system specific issue or has UIPath changed how to implement the global exception handler?

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Are you facing the issue with the Practice 2 of the Error and Exception Handling Course?

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I am

I also have this problem - did you find a solution?

@cody.vollrath, how did you know it wasn’t working? I also thought mine wasn’t working, but the only thing different for me was that I wasn’t getting the same error message that the video in the Academy Course said I would be getting, namely, a message that I had aborted it. But when I debugged it, the global handler was still working for me and retrying and aborting when it should.
If it is a different problem, though, sorry; I don’t have anything.

It’s two years later and I also have this problem and cannot find the solution. I download examples and they won’t use the GlobalHandler.